Fonderie De Riccardis has operated successfully for over fifty years in the production of cast iron castings for mechanical applications, with emphasis on products with high technical content. There are many factors that have contributed to this success:

  • a policy embracing objective-based management and an approach directed at continuous improvement;
  • professional, competent human resources, real added value: our human resources currently total 95, of which 80 work in production, 15 in the logistics, administration, sales, management control and technical offices;
  • the ability to assist our clientele at every stage in the life of the product, from design to production, to subsequent machining operations, thanks to the back-up offered by software dedicated to the simulation of the casting process and creation of casting prototypes, and quality control management;
  • the ability to offer high standards of quality and service, striving at all times for the very highest performance ;
  • the benefit of our own exclusive transport network, thereby optimising logistics and guaranteeing rapid deliveries at competitive prices all over Europe.

Thanks to continuous investments in management and technology, the foundry has gained the following equipment:

  • two rotary furnaces each with a 15 ton capacity;
  • a Belloi & Romagnoli automatic moulding plant with flasks measuring 1050x950x(350+350) equipped with automatic plate changeover and automatic boring machine, to make production even more flexible and capable of operating in a cycle time;
  • a casting core department that permits independent production and quality control.

Spread over a total surface area of around thirteen hectares, Fonderie De Riccardis also makes respect for the environment one of its top priorities, as evidenced by the environment quality certifications 14001 and Vision 2000. We operate in the axles and transmissions, gear box, tractor, pumps and hydraulic cranes sectors