The regeneration plant is a real strong point at Fonderie De Riccardis, allowing used sand to be recycled as new sand. In truth the quality of the regenerated sand by the end of the process is in fact higher than that of new sand, seeing that the grain, heated gradually in the thermal regeneration zone, undergoes allotropic variations in the silica without breaking down and acquires greater stability to thermal shock. The mechanical regeneration component in the plant rounds and smoothes the grain of sand thereby increasing the ratio between volume and surface and therefore reduces the percentage of binders used in the various core production and foundry processes. Both the above-mentioned features increase the permeability of the core or the mould and prevent the formation of crests or sintering on the casting. The plant is capable of regenerating up to 1.25 t/h with the efficiency rate exceeding 80%. It is capable of removing all traces of bentonite and seacoal contained in the used sand, resulting in a zero rate of total calcination and bentonite degradation (AFS 2110-04-S method). The plant is equipped with a heat exchanger capable of decreasing the fume temperature, heating the combustion air and reducing methane consumption. The consumption of new sand has been cut down by 80% since the regeneration plant was put into action