Fonderie De Riccardis is equipped with a powerful Clansman Dynamics model C2010H manipulator capable of removing risers and clusters fed from the casting shakeout drum. The manipulator is equipped with a gripper whose clamping pressure detaches the casting attachments. By means of proportional valves regulated by potentiometers fitted in the operator’s cabin, the pressure level of the gripper can be set so that the power exerted prevents any damage to the castings. The gripper is fitted with an extremely powerful CC112 rising removal cannon, equipped with a 34 litre compressed air tank at a pressure of 8 bar. This air, released instantly via the operator’s cabin controls, activates the striker which is aimed at the riser to be broken. With a single impulsive stroke, the operator is capable of breaking sections of riser attachments in spheroidal graphite cast iron exceeding even 40x40mm^2. A PB60 sprue cutter is also installed on the line, operated from the manipulator cabin, which is capable of breaking casting gates measuring 50x50mm^2 down to sizes that facilitate feeding into the furnace when the next casting is executed. All these operations are carried out in a cycle time by an operator who, via the system, reproduces the movement of the manipulator arm. The response from the manipulator is extremely rapid and managed by highly sensitive position sensors