The Technical Office, manned by three engineers and other assistants, follows the design of the equipment and feed systems, the scheduling of production and quality control management.
The design of the equipment and feed systems is carried out in detail entirely by our company on the basis of the Customer’s drawings and technical specifications. Two CAD software programmes are utilised for design: PRO-E and Cimatron-E.
Equipment is designed through studies using MAGMA simulation software. The simulator permits studies to be carried out on residual stress on solidification thereby playing a part in the co-design of new products in order to improve the geometry of the casting, avoiding the problems normally arising that cannot be foreseen by those not actually working in a foundry. In addition, the FRONTIER module allows the technical office to provide the most efficient feed process under the most advantageous conditions.
The production scheduling system is based on NICIM software. The scheduler automatically activates the MRP and also programmes production of the cores necessary for production of the castings. The quality level is monitored and actuated by means of QUARTA software backed up by data banks of process parameters for each production