The casting plant is made up of two methane-oxygen rotary furnaces, each capable of firing 15,000 kg in a net casting time of 1 h 50 min. The entire range of grey irons and spheroidal graphite cast irons from GJS400 to GJS700 is produced.
After treatment the cast iron is poured into a 4000 kg CAP press &pour-type casting furnace, that is, in a nitrogen atmosphere to protect the liquid cast iron against oxidation. The casting is controlled by a heat chamber that ensures that the sprue cup is filled at the scheduled rate. The system is equipped with an inoculator served by additional security systems that blows onto the cast iron flow filling the flasks and thereby improves the final characteristics of the material, preventing the formation of carbides and encouraging the nucleation of crystalline grains. The metallurgy laboratory constantly monitors the quality of the casting through chemical and thermal analyses which are carried out using the Thermo Optic quantometer, the Itaca software and micrographs via a Nikon microscope