Capable of producing up to 120 flasks/h, the Belloi & Romagnoli plant, equipped with a flask measuring 1050x950x350+350 and a double circuit moulding machine, continuously regulates the moulding pressure and creates a mould whose features guarantee a perfect casting surface finish. Recent investments have further increased the flexibility, quality standards and production performance of the plant. Working alongside Belloi & Romagnoli has resulted in the following achievements: the installation of a plate-changeover system to switch over the pattern plate within the cycle time, an automatic boring machine for the automatic boring of vent holes in the flask, the improved flask coupling system (between 2 and 4 coupling hooks per flask), an automatic plate edge cleaning system, a sorting truck for the flasks in the furnace area.

The manual moulding process also operates a manually operated department, where long pieces up to 12 m in length and a maximum of 15000 kg in weight are produced. This department is also used to construct prototypes and sample collections