The internal core production sector produces 100% of the cores for castings constructed. It is fitted with the most up-to-date 100-litre plant for core boxes split horizontally

The casting plant is made up of two methane-oxygen rotary furnaces, each capable of firing 15,000 kg in a net casting time of 1 h 50 min. The entire range of grey irons

he Technical Office, manned by three engineers and other assistants, follows the design of the equipment and feed systems, the scheduling of production and quality control management

The following controls are carried out internally:

  • dimensional control for marking;
  • dimensional control for 3-D tracing (comparing casting with the mathematical figures supplied by the Customer);
  • ultrasound control;
  • control with magnetoscopic test bench

The internal pattern plate department is composed of five units that are responsible for the periodic maintenance of core boxes and patterns, for verifying and accepting

Capable of producing up to 120 flasks/h, the Belloi & Romagnoli plant, equipped with a flask measuring 1050x950x350+350 and a double circuit moulding machine

As they are fed out of the drum, the castings shaken out of the flasks are separated from the cluster and risers by a powerful Clansman Dynamics model C2010H

Use of the most recently developed software, together with the experience of our technical team, allow, thanks to the back-up provided during the casting design stage, the best possible set-up for mass production, optimising mould feed and forming with resulting high metallurgic standards and high performance mechanical features. The company’s know-how in the field of mechanical machining operations guarantees the efficient handling of subcontracting for our customers